At Silver Star, we want to build a concentrated firm that is very good at delivering business impact with intelligent swag.  To us, this means, not the cheap & cheerful trinkets but products that mold the intent of the buyer – sways them in our direction and engages them to want to work with you, our clients, by keeping you top of mind, when needed most.

Silver Star has been in Ottawa since 2003, Seabrook & Associates clients joined us in 2010 and in summer of 2013 after being invited to sit at the ‘grown up’ table by a few key clients,  we revisited what Silver Star Swag would need in order to ccontinue to grow with her clients (yes, Silver Star is female).

In 2015, we relocated our offices to the downtown core of Ottawa where we share space with the Great River Media, known for publishing the Ottawa Business Journal, and many other top notch publications in print and online.

In January of 2015, we won our third national award and were invited to speak on ‘Building Swag that Sells’ at the industry’s National Convention.

Silver Star was acquired by The Branding Company in May 2015.  The Branding Company is an international promotional marketing company servicing global licensing and promotional agreements.  The added infrastructure offers Silver Star and it’s clients the support to deliver branded promotional programs years of services and employee recognition programs, custom design, complete print on demand capabilities, warehousing and fulfillment along with incentive initiatives that are measurable and executable. With more than 30 + years of experience in the promotional management area,  Silver Star & The Branding Company can ensure the success of your promotional experience.

We believe in an effective and entertaining promotional products industry that engages.  Silver Star Swag creates kick-ass swag designed to bring our clients more business, save them time and make them money.  We look forward to working with you.