Silver Star Swag produces promotional products for businesses by working with multiple other companies to produce high quality products with customization options, recommendations and fast deliveries, for your convenience. It would be easy for us to sell you 1000 of the hottest things and throw your logo onto it, the difference with us is that we ask you the difficult questions and make our clients think about the “what” and “why” they need.

We ask things that other companies aren’t going to ask, like if the product is representative of your corporate persona. Will this speak to the audience your after and how will it get your customers to increase your persona, making them do what you need them to do to increase value. Even if the product will be effective with your business perspective.

The Branding Company can help you create the imprint image you are looking for. Different file types and colour layouts are required for different projects and the world of artwork can become complex and confusing. We will work with you to develop a catalogue of approved art for your projects. Our artwork team can help you turn your napkin drawing into colourful vector line art or digitized embroidery files.

We believe in a promotional products industry that’s effective, entertaining, promotional products industry that engages. Silver Star Swag creates kick-ass swag designed to bring our clients more business, saving you time and making money, we look forward to working with you.