As we are constantly being bombarded with new products and we know you are keen to know what’s new – we launched the TEST PILOT project to allow a few select clients to test out new launches and see how they feel it stands up.

We select a new product every month to see how it handles and get some in-the-field feedback as to how it handles.

Our Test Pilots are asked to try out each product for 2 weeks and in return for being at the cutting edge of new swag they must answer the following questions on our site for all to see;

1. Did it have the quality you would want from such a product? In particular what did or didn’t you like about it?

2. Would you consider using it if you had such a need? If no, why not?

3. Do you feel this product provides an opportunity to make an impact on an intended demographic?

4. Other comments you would like to share.